2018 Scholars Showcase Winners


  • First Place: Girls on the Run, Girls on the Run: Longitudinal Findings Inform Transnational Learning and Leadership

  • Runner-Up: Charlesey Bond, Perception of Leadership with Emphasis on the Influence of Continuum of Care for Patient Safety


  • First Place: Robert Niche, M.Ed., Who Owns the Questions?

  • Runner-Up: Alexander Dontre, To Frame or Not To Frame: Improving Goal Setting

Curriculum, Design, and Evaluation

  • First Place: Katie Whaley, MA, and Jenine Larrabee, MA, Rethinking Immersion Program Design: Fostering International Student Leadership

  • Runner-Up: Blake Renner, Ed.D., Assessing the Effectiveness of Developmental Education


  • First Place: Dale Hilty, Ph.D., Maria G. Moser Arteaga, BSN candidate, and Michelle Wagner, MAT, BSN, BA, RN, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Nursing Panel and Innovative, Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Non-Nursing Course Teaching Strategy

  • Runner-Up: David Sovic, Judith Ridgway, and Caroline Breitenberger, The Ohio State University, Course Learning Outcomes: Administrative Artfacts or Tools for Student Success?


  • First Place: Ann Smith, Ph.D., APRN-ANP-BC, CRRN, Susan Bowman Burpee, APRN-CNP, and Dale Hilty, Ph.D., The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

  • Runner-Up: Dale Hilty, Ph.D., Preliminary Investgation of Continuous Self-Improvement and the Big Five Personality Factors