In 2014, Franklin University hosted its first ever poster forum and both the 2014 and 2016 forums were successful and enriching. This event honors the innovative work of students, faculty, nonprofit, government and business partners both in the United States and abroad. It provides a unique opportunity to encourage and foster partnerships and collaborations among universities, colleges, and industry while including those who may not normally have a venue for recognition and sharing of ideas, theories, research, evaluations and other societal contributions. 

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 2018 Franklin University Scholars Showcase: Innovations in Leadership and Learning.

The event will be held at Franklin University’s main campus in downtown Columbus on October 5, 2018. There will be a reception to follow.


  • To showcase the work of Franklin University's students, alumni, faculty, and staff
  • To increase graduate scholarship
  • To strengthen community partnerships through cross-disciplinary research in leadership and/or learning
  • To foster dialogue between scholars and professionals converging on leadership and/or learning

Meghan B. Raehll, Ph.D.

Committee Chair

Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

Franklin University


Contact Information

Email: meghan.raehll@franklin.edu

Phone: 614-947-6579